How r-plane Al < inf> 2 O < inf> 3 surface modifications impact the growth of epitaxial (001) CeO < inf> 2 thin films

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We present evidence that it is the presence or absence of atomic terraces with a specific crystallographic orientation on the (102) Al 2O 3 surface that promotes growth of single-crystal (001) CeO 2 films over polycrystalline (111) CeO 2 films. The CeO 2 film nucleates so that the [010] and [100] directions of the film align parallel and perpendicular to the terrace edges. In the absence of terraces, multidomain (111) CeO 2 films result in which the in-plane orientation of the two domains are rotated by 85.71°, so that a [110] CeO 2 direction aligns parallel to either the [2̄21] or [2̄4̄1] Al 2O 3 direction. © 2009 TMS.

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Journal of Electronic Materials