Novel optical polarizer design based on metasurface nano aperture for biological sensing in mid-infrared regime

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© 2017, Springer Science+Business Media New York. Since Metasurfaces are playing important roles in optical devices such as optical polarizers and detectors, in this article, we have proposed a novel shape of nano aperture antenna for mid-infrared applications such as bio-sensing and other potential optical applications based on plasmonic characteristic of the gold layer over the SiN substrate. The transmittance tensor is obtained for vertical and horizontal linear polarization and base on boundary condition of the metasurface, the circular polarizations are extracted which are confirmed by the electric field distributions. We have shown by the parametric studies that the phase difference is altered by the gap and slot width and so with the dimension modification, we are able to achieve circular polarizer in the optical range. The biological materials with a thickness of 80 nm have then been placed over the metasurface layer and the figures of merits have been obtained. We have revealed that when the circular polarization is osculated to the metasurface at a special frequency the linear polarization is obtained in the other side of the metasurface. The nano aperture has been modeled and the finite difference time domain calculations are performed in CST Microwave Studio as a commercial full wave simulation software.

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Optical and Quantum Electronics