The durability of professional and sociomathematical norms intentionally fostered in an early pedagogy course

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Department of Cognitive and Learning Sciences


This study investigated the extent to which three sociomathematical and four professional norms intentionally fostered in an early mathematics pedagogy course through the use of a video-case curriculum re-emerged in a similar context with two groups: (1) teacher candidates in the final mathematics pedagogy course of the same teacher education program and (2) program graduates in their beginning years of teaching. All seven norms were found to be durable over time, with the sociomathematical norm of providing a mathematical argument being the most widely and consistently exhibited among the participants. Comparisons of the behaviors exhibited by the two groups revealed that five of the norms were consistently durable over time with both groups and suggested that participants' engagement with two of the norms was positively affected by additional classroom experience. Details of differences among the groups and ways in which the norms appeared to support continued teacher learning are examined. The results point to the long-term benefits of developing productive norms early in a teacher education program.

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Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education