Electromagnetic interference shielding of carbon nanotube/ethylene vinyl acetate composites

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Single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) composites were synthesized in an internal mixer by melt mixing. The electrical conductivity as well as electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness (SE) over the X-band (8-12 GHz) and microwave (200-2,000 MHz) frequency ranges of these composites were investigated. It was observed that the electrical conductivity of composites increases with increasing SWCNT loading. A percolation threshold of about 3.5 wt.% was obtained and the electrical conductivity of EVA was increased by ten orders of magnitude, from 10 -14 to 10-4Ω-1 cm-1. The effect of sample thickness on SE was investigated. The correlation between SE and conductivity of the composites is discussed. The experimental data showed that the SE of the composites containing higher carbon nanotube loadings (above 10 wt.%) could be used as an EMI shielding material and lower SWCNT loadings could be used for the dissipation of electrostatic charge. © 2008 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

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Journal of Materials Science