Hydrodeoxygenation of dibenzofuran over SBA-15 supported Pt, Pd, and Ru catalysts

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Department of Chemical Engineering


Hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of dibenzofuran (DBF) has been carried out over mesoporous silica SBA-15 supported Pt, Pd, and Ru catalysts. The HDO of DBF went through hydrogenation of aromatic rings first, followed by hydrogenolysis of the saturated C-O bond to produce hydrocarbons. The detection of intermediate 2-cyclohexylcyclohexanol over as-prepared Pt catalysts illustrated that the aromatic ring-containing hydrogenated species transformed to the major deoxygenated product bicyclohexane after elimination of the heteroatom oxygen. Among all three catalysts, the Pt/SBA-15 catalysts exhibited the highest hydrogenation activity to yield aromatic ring-containing hydrogenated products. However, the Ru catalysts were more efficient in formation of completely deoxygenated products. Meanwhile, more cleavage of the saturated C-O bond took place at higher reaction temperature in the HDO of DBF. The increase of hydrogen pressure promoted the saturation of aromatic rings with an obvious influence on the conversion of DBF.

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Catalysis Letters