Effect of workpiece springback on micromilling forces

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The machining forces present in micromilling with tools in the 50-100 μm diameter range are dominated by contact pressure and friction between the tool cutting edges and the workpiece. A model of the micromilling process was developed based on the elastic contact between the tool and the workpiece along the side and bottom cutting edges of the tool. Micromilling experiments were conducted on 6061-T6 aluminum to obtain machining forces in the feed and cross-feed directions during slot milling and partial engagement end milling. Comparisons with the experimental data indicate reasonable agreement for full slot milling as well as end milling with radial depths of cut in the range of 2 μm to 40 μm. It was concluded that this model is adequate for predicting micromilling forces with the precision needed to reduce tool breakage and workpiece clamping forces and for predicting tool deflection that affects wall slope and feature size.

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Microsystem Technologies