Determining localized garment insulation values from manikin studies: Computational method and results

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The localized thermal insulation value expresses a garment's thermal resistance over the region which is covered by the garment, rather than over the entire surface of a subject or manikin. The determination of localized garment insulation values is critical to the development of high-resolution models of sensible heat exchange. A method is presented for determining and validating localized garment insulation values, based on whole-body insulation values (clo units) and using computer-aided design and thermal analysis software. Localized insulation values are presented for a catalog consisting of 106 garments and verified using computer-generated models. The values presented are suitable for use on volume element-based or surface element-based models of heat transfer involving clothed subjects. © Springer-Verlag 2005.

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European Journal of Applied Physiology