Mechanical behavior of a carbide reinforced Co-Cr eutectic alloy

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The tensile and creep behavior of a unidirectionally solidified (Co, Cr)-(Cr, Co)7C3 monovariant eutectic alloy have been examined. The effect of fiber orientation on the tensile strength has been studied at temperatures to 2200°F. The composite was found to be anisotropic with considerable strengthening in the longitudinal direction and with the transverse and 45 deg ultimate strengths being limited by cracks initiating in the carbide phase. At room temperature, prestressing due to thermal expansion mismatch results in a large difference between the longitudinal compressive and tensile yield stresses. Longitudinal creep data for the 1800° to 2200°F temperature range are presented and examined in terms of the directional structure. The activation energy for creep is observed to be much higher than that for chromium diffusion in a Co-Cr alloy. These analyses suggest that the creep of the eutectic composite is controlled by the creep and fracture of the reinforcing carbides.

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Metallurgical Transactions