The growth of antiphase domains in Cu3 Au as studied by transmission electron microscopy

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The changes in the antiphase domain structure of stoichiometric Cu3Au during ordering after quenching from above T c have been studied by means of transmission electron microscopy. The growth of the domains was found to satisfy a D 2 ∞ t relation in agreement with previous X-ray diffraction measurements. The activation energy determined for the process (42 kcal per mole) is also in agreement with the previous work. An increase in quenching temperature gave no effect on the domain size achieved by a particular ordering treatment. Measurements of the domain size distribution at various stages during growth indicate that the domain structure is not completely irregular. Certain domain sizes which are multiples of a unit domain size are preferred. During the early stages of domain growth the behavior appears to be consistent with a diffusion model of the ordering process similar to that applied to spinodal decomposition.

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Metallurgical Transactions