Development of multistage sheet metal forming analysis method

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


The multistep sheet metal forming process for axisymmetric shapes has been modeled employing a simplified finite element analysis method. The analysis is based on the idea of dividing the deformation history into several steps while applying the total strain theory of plasticity in each step. An algorithm has been developed which satisfies the potential energy minimization process at the entire nodal point grouping in each step of the forming process. Although numerical solutions have been obtained up to a four-step process, there are no inherent limitations in the basic methodology to extend it to any number of steps. The assumption of proportional loading in each step of forming was carefully examined by comparing the computed principal strain ratios with those of experimentally observed values. It was found that some regions of the sheet material undergo nonproportional straining; consequently, a single-step approximation for a multistage forming process may not give a valid result. Sensitivity of the new model to the number of intermediate steps has also been examined. It is concluded that the new model is a good approximation of the multistage sheet forming process.

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Journal of Materials Shaping Technology