Determination of liquid diffusion coefficients along a liquidus phase boundary

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


A method for determination of liquid phase diffusion coefficients along the liquidus curve in a binary alloy is presented. The technique is similar to that proposed by Watson and Hunt [1] but is more applicable to a larger selection of alloy systems. The technique utilizes temperature gradient zone melting (TGZM) to produce compositional adjustments along the length of a stationary sample placed in a temperature gradient. Diffusion coefficients as a function of position and, hence, temperature in the sample are calculated from measurement of the compositional changes occurring during TGZM and the temperature profile in the alloy. Since coefficients can be measured over a wide range of temperatures, the activation energy for diffusion can also be determined. The technique is demonstrated for a Cu-85 wt pct Sn alloy.

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Metallurgical Transactions B