Kinetic equations for concurrent size and shape coarsening by the ledge mechanism

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The kinetic equations describing concurrent size and shape coarsening of plate-and rod-shaped particles having shapes that deviate from equilibrium are presented. In the derivations, the assumption is made that some of the interfaces are fully or partially coherent and migrate by the ledge mechanism. Three different interfacial character combinations are considered. The analysis also assumes a small and constant volume fraction of particles so that the average matrix composition can be estimated from knowledge of the particle size distribution, the surface area available for atomic attachment/detachment, and the diffusion distance. The resultant flux equations are then used in a computer model to predict the coarsening behavior of an ensemble of nonequilibrium-shaped particles. Comparison of these results with those obtained from the traditional coarsening theory of Lifshitz and Slyosov1 and Wagner2 (LSW) show significant discrepancies. These differences are attributed to the invalidity of many assumptions made in the LSW theory when applied to solid:solid coarsening systems.

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Metallurgical Transactions A