An investigation into the production of Bi- and Tri-layered strip by drawing through wedge-shaped dies

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


This article describes the experimental work carried out to investigate the feasibility of producing multilayered metallic strip by cold drawing. Two types of strip were prepared. The first was a bi- layered strip of aluminum/mild steel. The second type of strip was a tri- layered material made of aluminum/copper/aluminum layers. To examine the effects of process variables, the amount of deformation and the die angle were varied, and the drawing force and the strength of the interface bond were measured. The results of numerous experiments revealed that drawing stress increases almost linearly with an increase in relative reduction in area. Drawing stress also exhibits a minimum point when plotted versus die angle. It was observed that formation of an interfacial bond requires a minimum threshold value for reduction in area. Based on scanning electron microscopy observations, a mechanism for cold weld formation is explained.

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Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance