The growth of tubular or vermicular structures in organic monotectic systems

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Growth fronts have been examined for several transparent organic monotectic alloys based on succinnonitrile (SCN), using a temperature gradient stage. The systems include SCN with water, glycerol, benzene, and ethanol: in the first two systems, steady state growth is possible at very low rates ( < 1 μm s-1), while in the latter pair, nonsteady state conditions apply at all growth rates (> 0.1 μm s-1). At higher growth rates ({succeeds or equivalent to}1 μm s-1) all these systems exhibit a variety of tubular or vermicular morphologies, where droplets of the minor immiscible liquid phase appear to provide a diffusion path by which the reaction can occur with localized deposition of the solid product. The remarkable growth forms are discussed with reference to a series of time-lapse micrographs and the form of a typical phase diagram.

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Metallurgical Transactions A