The effects of tantalum on the microstructure of two polycrystalline nickel-base superalloys: B-1900 + Hf and MAR-M247

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Changes in the γ/γ'/carbide microstructure as a function of Ta content were studied in conventionally cast B-1900 + Hf and both conventionally cast and directionally solidified MAR-M247.* The effects of tantalum on the microstructure were found to be similar in both nickel-base superalloys. In particular, the γ' and carbide volume fractions increased approximately linearly with tantalum additions in both alloys. The γ' phase compositions did not change as tantalum additions were made with the exception of an increase in the tantalum level. Bulk tantalum additions increased the tantalum, chromium, and cobalt levels of the γ phase in both alloy series. The increase in the concentrations of the latter two elements was attributed to a decrease in the γ phase fraction with increasing bulk tantalum level and nearly constant γ' /γ partitioning ratios. It was demonstrated that the large increase in the γ ' volume fraction was a result of tantalum not affecting the partitioning ratios of the other alloying elements. The addition of tantalum led to a partial replacement of the hafnium in the MC carbides, although the degree of replacement was reduced by the solutionizing and aging heat treat-ment. In addition, chromium-rich M23C6 carbides formed as a result of MC carbide decomposition during heat treatment.

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