Lengthening kinetics of ferrite and bainite sideplates

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The rate of lengthening of ferrite and bainite sideplates and the radius of curvature of the plate edges were measured as a function of reaction temperature in three Fe-C alloys. These data were analyzed on the basis of an equation due to Trivedi. The analysis proved that the mobility of the sideplate edges is limited. The interfacial energy of these edges is of the order of 200 erg/cm2. Most of the supersaturation is used to drive the diffusion of carbon in austenite; comparatively little is accounted for by capillarity and by the finite mobility of the interface. On the basis of both the present results and of published micro-structural observations, it was concluded that ferrite and bainite sideplates lengthen by a ledge mechanism.

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Metallurgical Transactions