Enhancement of coupled growth of off-eutectic alloys by "stop-and-go" technique

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


The beneficial effect of solutal (gravity induced) or other convective segregation on promoting plane front growth in directionally solidified off-eutectic alloys has been investigated. Specifically, it has been found that halting directional solidification for periods of the order an hour frequently results in plane front growth after resumption of solidification in alloys which originally grow dendritically. This is attributed to liquid homogenization during the stop period. This homogenization produces a liquid with composition within the coupled growth region. The process has been analyzed and conditions under which this process is feasible are related to the alloy composition and phase diagram characteristics as well as the growth parameters, thermal gradient, and solidification rate. The process is illustrated by and the analysis compared with selected experiments in the Co-CoAl eutectic.

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Metallurgical Transactions A