Fracture in equiaxed two phase alloys: part ii. fracture in alloys with isolated plastic particles

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


A model, describing fracture of two phase equiaxed alloys containing isolated plastic particles within an elastically deforming matrix, has been developed. The model relates fracture toughness parameters to the microstructure and mechanical characteristics of the individual phases. The model utilizes the concepts of a process zone and crack closing forces in the process zone along with recent developments in the fracture mechanics of toughened ceramics. One adjustable parameter, either the extent of the process zone or the effective "gauge length" of plastic particles within the process zone, is used in the analysis. The values of these parameters, as deduced from experimental fracture mechanics studies in Co-CoAl alloys, are reasonable in their magnitude and depend on alloy microstructure in the manner predicted from the analysis.

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Metallurgical Transactions A