Experimental determination of stress-concentration factors in thick-walled cylinders with crossholes and sideholes - Investigation undertaken to determine the stress concentration at the tee intersection in experimental models under both internal and external pressure, and to check these results with the theoretical predictions

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In a companion paper1 submitted to ASME, the theoretical determination of stress-concentration factors in thick-walled cylinders was reported. The present paper reports the results of experiments conducted to check the predictions of the theory. The configuration is a thick-walled cylinder with crossholes or sideholes oriented perpendicular to the bore. Stress concentrations occur at the "tee" intersections of the holes with the bore. The loadings considered are internal pressure and external pressure. Both steel and plastic models were tested. Experiments were also conducted to determine the reduction of the stress-concentration factor by intersection radii at the crosshole intersection. Experimental results were found to agree well with theory. The best configuration was found to be one with crosshole (or sidehole) diameter equal to the bore diameter, and with an intersection radius at the tee intersection equal to the bore radius.

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