Effects of red pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) mycorrhizoplane-associated actinomycetes on in vitro growth of ectomycorrhizal fungi

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College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science; Department of Biological Sciences


Mycorrhizoplane-associated actinomycetes were isolated using an enrichment technique from red pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) roots of seedlings recently outplanted onto cleared northern hardwood sites in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA. Interactions were assessed in vitro between actinomycete isolates and three commonly occurring ectomycorrhizal fungi (Laccaria bicolor (Maire) Orton, L. laccata (Scop.: Fr.) Berk. and Br., and Thelephora terrestris Fr.). Most actinomycete isolates exerted a range of effects on the growth of the three fungus isolates during the four week test period, inhibiting some while stimulating others; several inhibited growth of all three fungus isolates. Mycorrhizoplane-associated actinomycetes show potential for use as coinoculants with selected ectomycorrhizal fungi to optimize the soil microflora for developing seedlings.

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