Klebsiella planticola sp. nov.: A new species of enterobacteriaceae found primarily in nonclinical environments

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The name Klebsiella planticola sp. nov. is proposed for a group of organisms isolated primarily from botanical and daquatic environments. Both numerical and molecular taxonomy techniques show that the species belongs within the genus Klebsiella and that it is distinct from other described species of the genus. The new species has 3 biogroups. K. planticolla is phenotypically identical to K. pneumoniae in classical biochemical tests, but it is distinguishable from K. pneumoniae based on its ability to grow at 10°C and its inability to produce gas from lactose at 44.5°C. Additional reactions that can be used in combination with the temperature criteria include l-sorbose fermentation and ability to utilize hydroxy-l-proline as a sole carbon source. Strain V-236 (ATCC 33531; CDC 4245-72) is the type strain of the new species.

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Current Microbiology