On finite deformation plasticity with directional softening - Part II. Two-component model

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


It is well-known that twisting of cylindrical specimens has shown that axial stress or strain are induced in constrained or unconstrained torsion respectively. During monotonic loading in torsion, the axial stress or axial strain do not change monotonically, but tensile/compressive or lengthening/shortening phenomena are observed. In this study, a two-component model to account phenomenologically for coexisting different textures of rate-independent and rate-dependent finite deformation plasticity is proposed to predict axial shortening/lengthening and tensile/compressive phenomena in torsion. Such predictions are compared with available experimental data as well as recent simulations based on crystal plasticity models. In most cases, the results are in reasonable agreement with both experiments and simulations.

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Acta Mechanica