A generalized probabilistic approach for slope analysis

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Department of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences


A new probabilistic approach is introduced for slope stability analysis, which is general in types of variable distributions and correlations or dependency between variables, and flexible enough to include any adverse impact analysis for blasting vibrations and groundwater conditions. The material strength within a slope area, given in terms of the internal friction angle (ø) and cohesion (c), is randomized in the bivariate joint probability analysis. To be a completely general engineering method, the new probabilistic approach employs the random variable transformation technique: the Hermite model of the Gaussian transformation function, which transforms the experimental histogram of shear strength parameters to the standard Gaussian distribution (μ=0, σ2=1.0). Because a binormal joint probability is analysed on the true probability region projected on the plane of the Gaussian transformed variables, it is an exact solution of slope stability based on the available sample data. No assumption on the shape of the experimental histogram or independency between two random variables is made as in the current probability methods of slope analysis.

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International Journal of Mining Engineering