On the applicability of CNDO indices for the prediction of chemical reactivity

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Department of Chemistry; Department of Chemical Engineering


A series of CNDO/2 molecular orbital properties were evaluated to determine their utility in parameterizing chemical reactivities. Some of these indices were used previously for only Π electron methods and were extended here to include the σ framework. Theoretical rationales were given for this extension to the semi-empirical all valence electron methods. Four systems, the aromatic hydrocarbons, the benzene derivatives, the substituted benzoic acids, and the substituted phenyl amines, were studied to test how well these indices can parameterize chemical reactivities. This study focused on reactions involving both σ and π electrons where the reactive site is not necessarily on the aromatic framework. For the nonplanar and heteropolar systems, these indices performed as well as the Hückel method did for the classical aromatics. These CNDO indices should perform effectively in multivariable regressions to parameterize the reactivities for more complicated problems such as those encountered in quantitative structure activity relationships of drugs.

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Theoretica Chimica Acta