Preparation and characteristics of steel slag ceramics from converter slag

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© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2018. Steel slag is an inevitable by-product from a steelmaking furnace such as a converter, an open-hearth furnace or an electric arc furnace. The yield of steel slag increases with the sharp rise of steel production. Utilizing the slag effectively and comprehensively is one of the important tasks to promote the development of iron and steel industry in China in a sustainable and efficient way. In this study, hot-poured steel slag from a converter was used to prepare ceramics by mixing with fly ash, microsilica, and quartz. After heating at 1100–1200, °C, the ceramics were well sintered. XRD revealed that multiple crystalline phases coexisted in the glass-ceramics, and the main crystalline phases were diopside and anorthite. SEM observation indicated that there was a plate-columnar composite structure in the ceramics. Reaction mechanisms were discussed.

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Minerals, Metals and Materials Series