Effect of carbon coating on magnetite reduction

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Magnetite powder and coke powder were used as experimental materials and H2 as reducing agent in a high temperature vacuum tube furnace. The change rules of magnetite powder (MP), mixed coke powder and magnetite powder (MCMP), and carbon coated magnetite powder (CCMP) in the process of reduction were studied. The samples were determined by field emission scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction. The results show that, with the increase of reduction time, the reduction degree of magnetite powder is improved. Under the same reduction conditions, the addition of coke powder improves the reduction rate. Compared with MP, when the reduction time was 120, min, the reduction degree of MCMP was 30% greater; and the reduction degree of CCMP was 39% greater. The mixed grinding of magnetite powder and coke powder is a better way to add carbon. Under the same reduction conditions, compared with MCMP, the reduction degree of CCMP was 9% greater when the reduction time was 120, min. After the reduction of CCMP, the number of pores in the sample increased and the structure was loose. The results of this study have some reference value for improving the reduction rate of magnetite powder.

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Minerals, Metals and Materials Series