Mullitization Characteristics and Sinterability of Kyanite in Ceramic Preparation

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© The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society 2017. Kyanite is one of the major high-alumina minerals for producing refractory ceramics. At high temperature, kyanite can be decomposed into mullite and amorphous silica. This change is an irreversible decomposition and provides potentials for fiber reinforcement of ceramic matrix. In this study, kyanite powder was compressed into a cylinder green body of ceramic and heated at 1150–1450°C. The phase transformation of kyanite and sinterability were investigated by X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. The results showed that the phase transformation of kyanite started at 1150°C when rising the temperature. At 1350°C, kyanite is completely converted into mullite and silica. The compressive strength of the ceramics reached 73.3–134.8MPa, while the bulk density was 1.95–2.47g/cm3. The microstructure indicated the correspondence of the compressive strength to mullitization degree of kyanite.

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Minerals, Metals and Materials Series