Particles reinforced scrap aluminum based composites by combined processing sintering + thixoforging

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© The Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. 2017. Scrap aluminium (AA 7075) chips are recycled for new composite design through combined method of powder metallurgy and thixoforging as a more economic method. Thixoforging processing is already known as low cost manufacturing of the structural materials. In this work, we have used an additional route (powder metallurgy) to facilitate the thixoforging processing. This new approach can help for improving performance and efficiency of the processing. AA7075 Aluminium chips are used as matrix and boron is used as main reinforcement element and others such as BN, TiO2, graphite, and spherical ceramics are used as minor reinforcements, respectively. Graphite powders are added for their good lubrication and improving damping behavior. Microstructure, mechanical properties and Impact performance are compared depending on the reinforcement elements.

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series