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The objectives of this study are to evaluate the high-temperature performance of polymer-modified asphalt and asphalt mixtures, and to investigate if the standard technical indexes are useful in the performance evaluation of the polymer-modified asphalt. There are four typically used polymer-modified asphalt types employed in the study. The standard high-temperature rheological test, such as the temperature sweep test, was used to express the high-temperature performance of the polymer-modified asphalt. Also, considering the non-Newtonian fluid properties of the polymer-modified asphalt, the multiple stress creep recovery (MSCR) and zero-shear viscosity (ZSV) tests were employed for the characterizations. Besides, based on the mixture design of SMA-13, the high temperature of the polymer-modified asphalt mixture was evaluated via Marshall stability and rutting tests. The test results concluded that the ranking of the four kinds of polymer-modified asphalt was different in various laboratory tests. The TB-APAO has the best technical indexes in MSCR and ZSV tests, while the WTR-APAO performed best in the temperature sweep test. In addition, the correlation between the polymer-modified asphalt and the asphalt mixture was very poor. Thus, the present standard technical indexes for the profoundly polymer-modified asphalt mixtures are no longer suitable.

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