Low-cost production of epoxy matrix composites reinforced with scarp rubber, boron, glass bubbles and alumina

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© The Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc. 2016. Operating efficiency and economy with passenger comfort are paramount in commercial transport aircraft. Reduced airframe weight pays off in fuel economy and, therefore, reduces Direct Operating Costs for the operators. The composite parts combined with other design efficiencies led to reduced fuel consumption—a major attraction for the airlines. Currently, in Europe-French aeronautical applications, the different type of airframe (A300-600) is about 4.5% composites by weight. In the frame of this research programme, four different epoxy based composites have been prepared reinforced with boron, alumina for the commercial aeronautical applications. The aims of the present work are an improvement of mechanical properties of epoxy matrix composites containing reinforcements (especially boron & alumina) and a low cost production process of epoxy matrix composites containing recycled elements. Mechanical properties have been evaluated by impact tests, bending test, etc. and also viscoelastic properties were analyzed by nano-indentation technique. Surface wear resistance were measured under different parameters.

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series