Autonomous agents based dynamic distributed (A2D2) intrusion detection system

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Department of Applied Computing


In this paper, we propose a highly-configurable, wellintegrated Autonomous Agents based Dynamic Distributed (A2D2) intrusion detection framework. A2D2 supports a hybrid, integrated and flexible intrusion detection model which consists of a family of intrusion detection agents. Agents can dynamically download and install appropriate modules, signatures and policy files from the central server based on operational requirements. A group key management system is used to provide secure and scalable group communication and group management in A2D2. Flexible intrusion response mechanisms are designed. A data fusion and event analysis engine (mEngine) and an object-based intrusion modeling language (mLanguage) are also designed. Both mEngine and mLanguage are domain-independent.

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Innovative Algorithms and Techniques in Automation, Industrial Electronics and Telecommunications