Enthalpies of vaporization of some highly branched hydrocarbons

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Measurements of the molar enthalpy of vaporization ΔvapHmat the temperatureT= 298.15 K are reported for 14 liquids and 6 solids each containing one or more quaternary carbon atoms, by the methods of transpiration, head-space analysis, or gas chromatography. The results are compared with literature values and with estimates based on a simple two-parameter equation developed previously for hydrocarbons. A relation between the solvent-accessible surface areaAand the value of ΔvapHmhas been observed for hydrocarbons containing quaternary centers. Measurements of the molar enthalpies of sublimation ΔsubHmare also reported for two more solids atT= 293 K or atT= 298.15 K. © 1995 Academic Press. All rights reserved.

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The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics