Mechanical properties of extrusion-foamed rigid PVC/wood-flour composites

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This study was conducted to characterize the mechanical properties of extrusion-foamed neat rigid PVC and rigid PVC/wood-flour composites by using endothermic and exothermic chemical foaming agents (CFAs). The specific elongation at break (ductility) of the samples was improved by foaming, while the opposite trend was observed for the tensile strength and modulus of the samples, regardless of the chemical foaming agent type. In addition, experimental results indicated that foaming reduced the Izod impact resistance of both neat rigid PVC and rigid PVC/wood-flour composites but that this reduction was not statistically significant for the composites. A comparison between batch microcellular processing and extrusion foam processing was made, which demonstrated that foams with very fine cells (microcellular processed) exhibit better impact strength than foams with larger cells (extrusion processed with CFAs).

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Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology