Fine and hyperfine structure of the two lowest bound states of Be < sup> − and their first two ionization thresholds

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The two lowest bound excited states of the Be− ion, 1s2 2s2p24P and 1s2 2p34S0, and their respective thresholds, Be 1s2 2s2p 3P0 and Be 1s2 2p23P, and the thresholds of these, Be+ 1s2 2s and Be+ 1s2 2p, have been examined using many‐body methods. Here, we present the electron affinities (EAs) or ionization potentials, fine and hyperfine structure, and the electric dipole transition probabilities associated with these states and compare them with existing theory and experiment when available. Based on our new EA, a suggestion is made as to why no negative ion transition has yet been seen in the laboratory.

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International Journal of Quantum Chemistry