Constructing biomimetic cardiac tissues: a review of scaffold materials for engineering cardiac patches

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Department of Biomedical Engineering


Engineered cardiac patches (ECPs) hold great promise to repair ischemia-induced damages to the myocardium. Recent studies have provided robust technological advances in obtaining pure cardiac cell populations as well as various novel scaffold materials to generate engineered cardiac tissues that can significantly improve electrical and contractile functions of damaged myocardium. Given the significance in understanding the cellular and extracellular structural as well as compositional details of native human heart wall, in order to fabricate most suitable scaffold material for cardiac patches, herein, we have reviewed the structure of the human pericardium and heart wall as well as the compositional details of cardiac extracellular matrix (ECM). Moreover, several strategies to obtain cardiac-specific scaffold materials have been reviewed, including natural, synthetic and hybrid hydrogels, electrospun fibers, decellularized native tissues or whole organs, and scaffolds derived from engineered cell sheets. This review provides a comprehensive analysis of different scaffold materials for engineering cardiac tissues.

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Emergent Materials