Calculation of the elastic strain field of a cuboidal precipitate in an anisotropic matrix

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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Using the anisotropic elastic Green's functions and their derivatives, the elastic strain field associated with a cuboidal precipitate in an anisotropic matrix is calculated. Uniform elastic constants for the precipitate and matrix are assumed, and the elastic constants of copper are used. Assuming a pure volumetric transformation strain, it is found that the dilatation is constant neither in the precipitate nor in the matrix. The dilatation inside the precipitate increases smoothly from the precipitate center to the interface, resulting in a maximum along the [110] direction. In the matrix, the dilatation exhibits a negative value near the interface in the directions [100], [110], and [111]. The elastic strain energy associated with a cuboidal precipitate is found to be ca. 93% of that of a spherical precipitate.

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physica status solidi (a)