Where are the PeVatrons?

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The search for cosmic particle accelerators capable of reaching the PeV (1015 eV) range, PeVatrons, is a crucial science target of the very-high-energy (gamma-ray do-main around ∼ TeV= 1012 eV) community. Such accelerators are essential in the context of the problem of the origin of Galactic cosmic rays, and more generally, in order to under-stand the physical mechanisms involved in the production of PeV particles. Subsequent to the acceleration of PeV particles, the production of gamma rays in the 100 TeV range is expected. Explorations in this energy domain are thus natural in the search for PeVatrons. Next generation instruments operating in the gamma-ray domain will be remarkable assets in the search for PeVatrons and the understanding of their properties. The majority of the material is drawn from Science Case for a Wide Field-of-View Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Observatory in the Southern Hemisphere [1]. If you’d like to cite results presented in this white paper, please cite the original paper.

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