Thermal decomposition and regeneration of wüstite

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The thermal decomposition and regeneration behaviors of wüstite were investigated by in situ high temperature X-ray diffraction (HT-XRD) under non-isothermal condition at heating rate of 4 K min-1 in vacuum ranging from 294 K to 973 K. Wüstite on heating decomposes to magnetite and iron up to 823 K, above which it exhibits marked tendency to regenerate. Investigation of thermal stability of the reaction system shows that the decomposition proceeds under kinetic reaction control while the regeneration is under thermodynamic control. Kinetics study based on the Coats-Redfern integral approximation method indicates that the decomposition reaction follows a Komatsu-Uemura model-based diffusion-controlled kinetics with activation energy of 32.860 kJ mol-1. The thermodynamics analysis of regeneration reaction demonstrates that wüstite regenerates at lower temperature than stoichiometric ferrous oxide.

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TMS Annual Meeting