A Review on TOA Estimation Techniques and Comparison

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Estimating the distance is the core of many positioning systems such as radar, sonar, and wireless local positioning systems (WLPSs). This chapter introduces time-of-arrival (TOA) techniques used in many localization systems. It focuses on wideband TOA estimation techniques. The chapter discusses different categories of TOA techniques that include correlation-based approaches, deconvolution methods, maximum likelihood (ML)-based methods, subspace-based methods, and blind signal separation (BSS)-based approaches. It also presents mathematical details of the introduced techniques. The chapter then compares these techniques in terms of different performance measures. It investigates blind TOA techniques and introduces a new technique based on independent component analysis (ICA). Finally, the chapter discusses multiband range estimation that enables cognitive radios (CRs) to attain higher localization performance.

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Handbook of Position Location: Theory, Practice, and Advances