Process Simulation and Control Center: An Automated Pilot Plant Laboratory

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Department of Chemical Engineering


The Department of Chemical Engineering at Michigan Technological University (MTU), with technical and financial assistance from its industrial partners, has incorporated the concepts of distributed control and process management into the curriculum via the Process Simulation and Control Center (PSCC). The PSCC includes two highly instrumented pilot plants (a siloxane polymerization batch reactor and a solvent recovery distillation process), controlled by a Honeywell TPS® distributed control system. The TUTOR 3000® computer-based training program prepares the students to run the two pilot plants. Process data are compressed and archived by OSI Software's PI® data management system and then are imported directly into spreadsheets and other computer applications on the departmental student network for analysis and reporting. The PSCC is a state-of-the-art facility that prepares MTU chemical engineering students for the computer-based industrial environment that they will encounter when they graduate.

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Computer Applications in Engineering Education