High performance single supply CMOS inverter level up shifter for multi-supply voltages domains

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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


A single supply CMOS inverter level shifter (ssqc- ls) for upconverting signals from 0.4V-1V logic level range up to 1.1V power supply domain is introduced. For guaranteing a low energy consumption, the proposed shifter is based on topological modifications of the structure qc-level shifter reported in [1]. For 0.5V input square wave switching at 500MHz, the inverter level shifter ssqc-ls using 1.2V of power supply voltage achieves a 60% of Figure of Merit improvement in comparison against jy-ls [8] with a dual power supply voltage of 0.6V and 1.2V. Post-layout simulation results shown that ssqc-ls reaches a propagation delay of 0.75ns, an energy consumption of only 2.3pJ, and an energy- delay product of 1.73pJns for a capacitive loading condition of 950fF.

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