Design of Single-modal Take-over Request in SAE Level 2 & 3 Automated Vehicle

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Copyright 2019 KSAE : Recently, cutting-edge technology has led to the development of automated vehicles, but the limitations of the related technology may lead to hazardous situations. This resulted in the remarkable significance of the interaction between automated vehicles and drivers. In particular, the transition between the driver and the automated vehicle in accordance with Level 3 of SAE J3016 is inevitable, and guidelines or standards regarding the takeover should be provided. Therefore, we aim to prepare the safety guidelines for the takeover and to conduct a comparative test. First, guidelines for visual, auditory, and haptic displays in existing vehicles were examined. Second, preliminary research was conducted on the modality of automated vehicles. Third, we carried out a modality investigation regarding the partially automated vehicle. Based on this, we proposed visual, auditory, and haptic signals for each modality. This will serve as a significant starting point for future research based on multimodal methods.

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Transactions of the Korean Society of Automotive Engineers