Effects of cracking and sowing time on germination of Styrax officinalis L. seeds

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This study was conducted to explore the effects of cracking and sowing time on seed germination of a popular medicinal plant, Styrax officinalis L. in the forest nursery of Eǧirdir, Turkey. Seeds were subjected to ten treatments with and without cracking in five sowing intervals 15 days apart. Seed germination started on the 3 rd of April 2007 and continued for up to 21 days. The fastest germination (18 days) was observed on the 23 rd of September 2006 with the cracking treatment and delayed germination (50 days) was seen in the 8 th of September 2006 treatment. The highest germination percentage of 56% was obtained from the cracked seeds sown on the 23 rd of September 2006. In conclusion, this species seeds should be cracked before sowing and planted in late September to obtain a high germination percentage. © 2011 Academic Journals.

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African Journal of Biotechnology