The changing landscape of biofuels: A global review

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Department of Social Sciences; Atmospheric Sciences


This chapter provides a global overview of the geography of major biofuel feedstock landscapes, and focuses on landscape change, several conflicts and their resolutions. It also provides a world regional review of biofuel landscapes, with attention to crop choice and characteristics, industrial location, and whether the biorefineries are export oriented or focused on meeting domestic fuel demand. The chapter discusses several case studies of conflicts associated with biofuel development, such as feedstock selection, environmental issues and sustainability. These energy landscape issues are socioeconomic as well as environmental, and have been concentrated in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Biofuel production in Southeast Asia is dominated by biodiesel from oil palm plantations in Indonesia, with major landscape change, and to a lesser extent Thailand and Malaysia. The growth in biofuel production and consumption has been driven by government policies intent on increasing the use of biofuels to combat climate change, increase rural development and foster energy security.

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The Routledge Research Companion to Energy Geographies