Cooperative evaluation of techniques for measuring nitric oxide and carbon monoxide - A report of the program group on diesel exhaust composition of the air pollution advisory committee of the coordinating research council, Inc.

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A Coordinating Research Council cooperative program was conducted to evaluate the measurement methods used to analyze nitric oxide and carbon monoxide in diesel exhaust. Initially, a single-cylinder test engine was circulated among participants with poor results. Tests were then conducted at one site using a multicylinder diesel engine. Six organizations participated in the program. Exhaust analyses were conducted at steady-state engine conditions and on a 3 min cycle test. Span gases of unknown concentration were also analyzed. The participants results varied but averaged less than ±5% standard deviation both within (repeatability) and among (reproducibility) the instruments. The short cycle test was in good agreement with the steady-state measurements. No significant difference in the use of Drierite, nonindicating Drierite, or Aquasorb desiccants was evident in sampling system tests. The instrumentation and methods used in this study were satisfactory for conducting emission measurements of diesel exhaust.

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SAE Technical Papers