Estimation of powertrain inertia properties via an in-situ method

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


An experimental method has been developed which allows the rigid body inertia properties of an automotive type powertrain to be estimated in-situ without removing the powertrain from the vehicle. The method requires that the complex stiffness properties of the powertrain mounts be estimated therefore allowing through the measurement of the relative displacements across the mounts for the estimation of the forces generated at the powertrain mount locations. Rigid body motion measurements are made through the use of accelerometers simultaneous to exciting the powertrain with multiple shakers. Results of the method are compared to those acquired through an inertia pendulum and the FRF based method implemented in LMS Cada-X software. Effects on the results due to shaker location, response location, mount variation, and removal of powertrain peripherals are also investigated. The method is validated through both an actual vehicle's powertrain estimation as well as through the testing of a rigid mass with known inertia properties which simulate those of a front wheel drive sedan's powertrain.

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