Design of cost effective epoxy + scrap rubber based composites reinforced with titanium dioxide and alumina fibers

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


In last decades, aerospace and automotive industries are in search of multi-functional high performance, low cost materials due to certain environmental regulations. Epoxy-recycled rubber based structural composites (ERCs) are used in these type of engineering applications thanks to their favorable properties such as corrosion resistance, low cost and light weight. In addition, the use of recycled materials gives an economic and environmental aspect to the manufacturers. The data for basic material parameters of these composites is essential in order to realize an efficient engineering development process. For this reason, this paper is focused on the design of ERCs reinforced with ceramic powders in different ratios in a matrix of epoxy-fresh scrap rubber. The mechanical and some physical properties of these composite systems were studied in this research. Titanium dioxide (titania-TiO2) and alumina fibers (Al2O3) are used as reinforcements in pre-defined weight percentages. During this study, mechanical and wear properties of these composite systems are studied. Three-point bending tests and nanoindentation were conducted to evaluate mechanical properties. After that, wear resistance is examined by means of nano-scratch tests. As the final step, fracture surfaces were observed with scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to identify damage mechanisms of these composites.

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Mechanics of Composite, Hybrid and Multifunctional Materials