Development of the MTU automatic shifting manual six speed transmission

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Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics


The purpose of this report is to describe the process for the development of the automatically shifting manual transmission control system hardware and software to be used in the MTU Challenge X Equinox, a through-the-road parallel hybrid electric vehicle. The automatically shifting manual transmission was chosen for development, as it combines the ease of use of an automatic transmission with the fuel efficiency of a manual, while eliminating the parasitic losses in the torque converter and the transmission hydraulic pump. This report illustrates the process used to develop the software-in-the loop modeling that was developed for the initial proof of concept. In addition, it describes the development of the control strategy and hardware build for the prototype transmission. To begin the design process research was preformed on existing automatically shifting manuals and manual transmissions in general. From there vehicle subsystems were assembled using Simulink block diagrams. Once the block diagrams were validated, the hardware was selected and the prototype was constructed. This report describes in detail the intricate process from concept to prototype of an automatically shifting manual transmission for a through-the-road parallel hybrid electric vehicle.

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