SAE clean snowmobile challenge 2003 summary of results

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published new emissions standards for snowmobiles, Federal Register 40 CFR, "Control of Emissions from Non-road Large Spark Ignition Engines and Recreational Engines (Marine and Land Based)"; Final Rule, Volume 67., No.217, November 8, 2002. These rules require a phase in of lower snowmobile emissions over the period of 2006 to 2012. In addition, the International Snowmobile Manufacturers' Association (ISMA) is developing new pass-by noise standards to replace the current wide-open throttle noise standard SAE J - 192 and J 1161. These new requirements set the stage for improvements in snowmobiles and form the basis for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Clean Snowmobile Challenge (CSC). SAE and Michigan Technological University (MTU) worked together, along with many other volunteers, to continue the SAE CSC, moving it from its original venue in Wyoming to Michigan. The goal of SAE CSC is to encourage development of a touring type snowmobile with improved emission and noise characteristics that does not sacrifice performance. Modifications are expected to be cost effective and practical. The participants in SAE CSC 2003 competed in a variety of events including emissions, noise, endurance/fuel economy, acceleration, handling, braking and design. Points were awarded to teams based on their performance in each of the events. The University of Idaho won SAE CSC 2003 with a snowmobile featuring a four-stroke engine with a custom built header, catalytic converter and a "spiral silencer." The University of Idaho was also awarded Best Performance, Best Emissions, Best Fuel Economy, Quietest Snowmobile, and Best Value. It was successful at completing and passing all competition events and did so without any penalties.

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