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In the present work the relationship between deformation and deformation induced surface roughness of 100 micron thick annealed AISI 304 stainless steel was investigated at the meso scale. This work is a continuation of the previous work by the authors where roughness values were determined at the apex of the bulge test samples at micro scale. The apex is believed to be the region of highest stress and strain in a typical bulge process in a circular die. The material was deformed using a biaxial bulge test through hydraulic fluid pressure. The strains on the workpieces were measured with respect to the forming pressure. The surface roughness was measured by scanning the interior (concave) area of bulge with Bruker GTK-17 optical profilometer over an area of 1.3mm x 1mm. The results show linear relationship between roughness and deformation strain, and it establish a similar trend with roughness measured at micro scale.

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